In this era of globalisation , learning a new language may provide you an edge compared to others. Lets know which language one should learn and how to choose what’s best for you.

JAPANESE LANGUAGE- Japan is also known as home of automobile industry, when it come for manufacturing most of cars , construction vehicles , ATVs , engines are made in japan, in nutshell if you have any knowledge or degree in terms of automobile you can choose japanese language  , those who have completed mechanical or electrical engineering can opt it or even those who wants to be a translator or interpreter can choose this language as we know japan has very ageing population  they always require people who can come help there to get job accomplished and people of japan are not well versed in spoken english that’s why they are always looking for a bridge.

FRENCH LANGUAGE- Either its french wine, culture or language its one of most fascinating you may ever experienced , when it comes for telecommunications, aerospace and defence , ship management or pharmaceuticals its leading in this segment, evenmore france is also home of nuclear energy. You may not know, hindi and french belong to same group called indo european language even they both have 38 phonemes, if you know hindi language learning french can be more easy for you , choosing french course can be wise for you as its one of simplest in european languages and big MNCs hire french language experts . For eg- accenture, amazon , deloitte etc.

SPANISH LANGUAGE- Do you know Spain has total 47 world heritage centres , country known for its beauty and tourism, i believe you have heard a city name ‘MADRID’ it has oldest restaurant in the world.Spanish language is 2nd most spoken language in entire universe and its also known as language of Romance. I believe many of you are planning to shift or migrate to U.S.A either for study or work you will get shocked after knowing spanish language in mostly spoken in america after spain and its one of official language of United states.If you are in it field or you thinking to migrate to united states learning spanish can increase your payout 2 times or you may have more better opportunities in hunting jobs.

GERMAN LANGUAGE- Do you heard where is largest train station situated in Europe , yes you are guessing correct its in germany, Germany is not only leading in medical or heathcare segment but also leading in robotics , clothes and textile products.GERMAN language in GERMAN is known as DEUTSCH. You may know that education in germany is free but you may not know there’s no examination in primary schools of germany. Learning German can open a wide range of opportunities in industries like engineering, automobile education, pharmaceuticals etc. There are very big companies who are hunting for German experts such as BMW, Bosh, Siemens , Mercedes, Volkswagen, Puma, Lufthansa, SAP etc.

KOREAN LANGUAGE- You may know about plastic surgery but most interesting is that south korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Korean alphabet known as Hangul in south korea and Chosongul in north korea.Theres a shocking fact that korean borrowed many words from chinese language and around 10% of basic nouns are borrowed from chinese language. Your love towards BTS may fade away one day but learning will never shade. Companies like POSCO, Hyundai, Lotte, kia and many more are always hunting for Korean language experts.

CHINESE LANGUAGE- Country known as the manufacturing hub of the world who can manufacture anything or may be everything. Also the 2nd largest economy of the world, Chinese language is also known as Mandarin , the most spoken language in the world after English .  UNKNOWINGLY word [ Mandarin] originates from Sanskrit literal meaning minister.Chinese language is also the toughest language in the world. Here you have to study 2 things first called pinyin and 2nd Hanzi [ chinese characters]. Learning Mandarin can open wide opportunities all over the globe. Not only china based companies hire chinese language experts but mostly all mncs require chinese language experts because the global supply chain has been controlled by chinese. You may be shocked after knowing Chinese translators and interpreters are the highest paid language experts on the globe.

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