Tips of learning Japanese Language

Tips of learning Japanese Language

1. Set a schedule to study on a daily basis for at least 1 hour, as being consistent is the best you can do to achieve your goal.

2. Learn vocabulary on daily basis , practising vocabs even for 15 mins daily will help to memorise for longer period of time

3. Practice grammar out of vocabulary , solving questions related to grammar you have learnt is key to have masters in particles of language 

4. Using different apps to chat with natives is the best way to improve your speaking and writing skills. Making friends who are living in Japan can be helpful.

5. Watch Japanese anime and dramas to learn new words and Japanese pronunciation, take help of subtitles, and create a habit of listening to Japanese daily as every good speaker is first a good listener.

6. Try to use learned words on a daily basis , while talking to your classmates and colleagues use simple greetings words for example konnichiwa , hajimemashite , ohayo gozaimasu, oyasuminasai , itte irrashai etc.

7. Try to speak in front of mirror on any different topics, you can choose a certain topic ask yourself facing to mirror and reply yourself too , mark your grammatical mistakes ones you are done practice

8. For more interest Try to read manga , in your childhood watching cartoons you may have heard about comic books[manga] it can be helpful to create a humorous mind too. 

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