Why you should learn a Foreign Language?

Why you should learn a Foreign Language?

Learning any new language will boost confidence and increase your self worth as it would be a completely new skill added to a person’s profile. Learning a new language helps you to interact better with diverse cultures and people all over the world.

A Foreign language provides students and job seekers with the ability to score a competitive edge over other candidates who are monolingual. Candidates who are bilingual are given more preference and value as compared to monolingual candidates. If you know any foreign language, it becomes easier for you to travel abroad.

1)Connect with more people -If you know any extra new language apart from your native language you definitely have a better chance of being able to relate to and communicate with the person who knows the other language. People who know two languages can connect about life and their culture and learn new things about the different people in the world. A person can instantly befriend another person if they know the other person’s language.

2)Improve your career -Additional language definitely adds a perk to your resume as if you know any additional language your resume or curriculum vitae is given more preference over the people who know only one language. since the world is filled with diverse people who converse and write in diverse languages if you plan to work abroad knowing an extra language would be an advantage because it will broaden your horizon to communicate with more people and work for a broader variety of firms.

3)Better Cognitive Skills-improved memory, ability to multi-task and better listening skills are some of the analytical and logical brain-related skills that people who know additional languages have. people who speak and write in more than one language are more flexible and more creative. The people who are multilingual have slower mental ageing and cognitive skills also decline later than people who know a single language.

4)Better Travel Experience BroadTravelling abroad is made an easy experience when you know any foreign language. It is a pleasant experience as you can communicate with the fellow people at your travel destination. It often becomes difficult for people who know only a single language ie English in enquiring about the travel destinations, restaurants or even simple directions from one place to another, from the native people. Many people abroad don’t know English as they are fluent in French, German or Russian supposedly.

5)Know different cultures better-If you know a new language it deepens your connection with diverse people and you learn about their lifestyles and culture. You will be able to understand their dance form, music forms, religion, and their festivals better. You will also get to learn about the geography and history of the country better.

6)Boost Confidence-Learning any new language takes a lot of time, effort and determination, In the process of learning a new language a person is bound to make many mistakes and errors, but the hard work is definitely worth the effort as it will give raise your self-esteem and morale. Learning a new language takes any person out of his/her comfort zone . It’s a huge sense of self-achievement when you are able to converse with any people in their native tongue abroad because you know their language and it will make you feel proud.

So after reading about the benefits of learning a new language, are you also motivated to learn a new language ? if you plan to learn a new language, contact Multibhasa – +91 91133 93188, +91 75490 69371 or email us at [email protected]. Mutibhasa is a language learning hub, so people of all ages can come together whether it is for academic purposes, business, travel or fun. we also provide training in IELTS preparation and corporate training.

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