Detailed Online - Offline Chinese language course in Delhi NCR 2022

You know you're in for a crazy trip if you're learning Chinese because of its old and exotic culture or because the magical Chinese characters attract you! Learning Chinese is not an easy undertaking owing to the entirely different writing system and pronunciation.


Not to worry, Multibhasa's experts are here to deliver you the best online Chinese language course.


We at Multibhasa provide special training for the HSK examination for those who want to work in MNCs or take admission in China.

Our online Chinese language course (HSK) test comprises four modules: hearing, reading, writing, and speaking. We address all four aspects tactically so that students excel in their exams and get impressive grades.

To do that, first, you need to know the HSK levels to be cleared to become proficient in Chinese.

  • •  HSK 1+2 (Basic)

    Understand and apply common everyday expressions and simple words to meet specific requirements. You also understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to the areas of most immediate relevance. Introduce yourself to others and ask and answer personal questions such as where you live, whom you know, and what you own.
  • HSK 3+4 (Intermediate)

    Understand the essential points of complicated literature on tangible and abstract themes, including technical talks in your area of expertise, and the major points of clear standard input on known subjects faced daily at work, education, leisure, and more.
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  • HSK 5+6 (Advance)

    Identify and recognize underlying meaning in various hard and lengthy texts. Fluently and naturally communicate thoughts without noticeable hunting for phrases. Use Chinese for social, academic, and professional objectives flexibly and effectively.


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