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German language courses in Delhi are the next big thing that people take after English and French classes. Learning German in Delhi is more of a trend than a need to become qualified for employment or school as the world connects further online.


However, the German language course near me may seem like

The most feasible option for you, but when quality standards and accuracy are what you need, then searching for nearby courses might be a waste of your valuable time.

So, the easiest way to start is to take a German language course online.

It might not be easy to navigate across so many options for a course online that would train you according to the German examination standards and help you get started — or continue — studying German.

This is where Multibhasa comes into play!

Even if you are not a polyglot, speaking German can still be possible for you only with Multibhasa.

With experts that train and asses your practical knowledge with one-on-one conversion in german

Also, we prepare you according to Goethe and TELC standards, which are internationally recognised and accepted worldwide.

To start your sprint of learning German from the best, first, you should know the different levels you will come across on your journey from zero to held (Hero in german)

  • A1+A2 - Beginner level

    • A1: You should be able to understand short German phrases and recognise fundamental terms that describe you and your surroundings.

    • A2: At A2, you can share facts about your career, family, and fundamental needs. You can comprehend valuable materials such as railway timetables and more.
  • B1+B2 - Intermediate level

    • B1: At B1, you may appreciate German media more, understanding the major themes of TV or radio shows with calm and clear narration.

    • B2: At B2, you can understand German media more completely, and your use of German becomes more complex.
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  • C1+C2 - Advanced level

    • C1: Your usage and understanding of German get intuitive at the C1 level.

    • C2: Our C2 proficiency allows you to compose and comprehend very complex German, Which is very close to native German fluency. (The candidate will easily understand even a fluent accent).
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german language course online
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Let us make your goal of learning or continuing to learn German from experts with quality ensured material and practical activities that are sure to be an add-on to your personality.

Make a move and start the journey today to reap the results of a new language adventure!

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