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Kaiwa Classes

This course is for students who particularly aim to learn and mainly develop their conversation skills.

The practical conversation session aims Japanese for daily life, you will learn to express your thoughts suggestions etc.

We will guide you to learn from basic to complicated conversation skills through group discussion and pair works.

Unique class activities will be designed, for those whose necessity is business Japanese or international understanding. We provide them essential study materials and advance techniques to master.


JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and JNAT consists of five levels, 5th is the lowest and 1st is the highest. Both exams are to test the non-native language proficiency.

JLPT occurs twice a year, while JNAT occurs 6 times a year. Both exam pattern and motive are similar to each other.

Advantages of giving JlPT or JNAT - It is used by many corporate and educational institution to check the competence of non native japanese learners.

We offer tailored program for preparation of both by focusing on grammar, kanji's, vocabulary, and listening along with writing comprehension, students get relevant study materials authentic guidence to crack both examination.

Course Levels

  • N5 (Basic 1)Basic japanese script (Hiragana, katakana, kanji) Casual speaking.Ch 1-25(grammar)
  • N4 (basic 2)Startup of formal language + kanjiCh 26-50(grammar)
  • N3 (Intermediate level)Business prospect
  • N2 ( Advance Level)Full fledge knowlege of Business level.
  • N1 ( specialization Level)Specialization in particular subject.
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