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To obtain a degree from the nation of our interest or to have a dream career abroad, we must first overcome the communication barrier to achieve those goals.


Furthermore, suppose you have decided to choose a foreign language like Korean. In that case, you can get started by studying Korean Language Classes in Delhi today.


Yes, with Multibhasa, you with this precious chance to take the Korean language course in India for those who want to learn Korean and achieve success abroad. This language is spoken by approximately 2.9 million people today from the Chinese provinces spanning North, South Korea, and more.

Learning and speaking other languages always opens up new doors for understanding different cultures and new opportunities to try and explore.

Before searching Korean language courses near me on google, you should understand what it takes to learn Korean.

The examination test known as Topik (the test of proficiency in Korean) is what non-native students are prepared for by Multibhasa. It comprises MCQ, which happens 6 times in a single year in January, April, May, July, October, and November.

Furthermore, you should know three types of levels if you want to master the Korean language course.
According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of References), there are three levels that you need to go through to speak and write French like a pro.

  • •  Beginner 1 (Understand the fundamentals of Korean phrases)

    •  Beginning language competence for fundamental phrases by learning the Hangul alphabet, pronunciation, and basic sentence structure, as well as learning how to greet, introduce oneself, and buy things in Korean.

    •  Beginner 2 (study everyday chats)

    •   Encourage (high) language abilities for varied conversational expressions by studying complicated sentence structures such as conjunctions and post positions based on fundamental sentence understanding.
  • •  Intermediate 3 (Basic daily life communication skills)

    •  For individuals who have finished Level 2 or have equal Korean language abilities

    •  Study passive/causative verbs and indirect narrations to develop (soft) intermediate language skills for managing responsibilities in the office, hospital, post office, and other locations.

    •  Intermediate 4 (Learning expressions used in social situations)

    • For individuals who have finished the Level 3 course or have similar Korean language abilities

    • Nurture (high) intermediate language competence for reading short essays or newspaper articles, make general use of the Korean language, learn Korean vocabulary and phrases such as idioms, proverbs, and honorific/casual language.
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  • Advanced 5 ( gain language skills for comprehending typical dialogues in social circumstances (political, economic, and social) and expressing own thoughts on these themes)

    • For individuals who have achieved Level 4 or have equal Korean language abilities

    • Encourage (poor) advanced linguistic competence for addressing specialized issues through acquiring advanced vocabulary, syntax (advanced conjunctions), and the distinction in meaning between comparable expressions.

    Advanced 6 (Develop professional language skills for comprehending most social settings and communicating on a variety of topics)

    • For individuals who have finished Level 5 or have equal Korean language abilities

    • Foster (high) advanced language ability for comprehending graduate topics or conducting office activities by reading, learning about current events through media (radio, TV, newspaper, lecture), reading about literary masterpieces, and composing documents or reports.
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Korean language course offline - online in Delhi

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