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Multibhasa offers the ideal track and platform for your Korean language learning journey in Delhi . With a focus on quality education, our specialized programs ensure a tailored approach to mastering the language. We provide the best and most affordable korean language course in delhi

Our Korean language course in Delhi understands that learning Korean is about more than memorizing vocabulary or grammar structures. It's about grasping the context behind the words to make genuine connections. Our experienced instructors break down intimidating concepts using proven techniques so you achieve business-level fluency and cultural insight in enjoyable classroom environments. Join the Multibhasa student community today to begin your Korean language learning journey!

Korean is the official language of the Korean peninsula (Republic of Korea and North Korea). It is spoken by around 63 million people in both North and South Korea. Korean is also used in China, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Guam, Paraguay, and the United States.

The origins of the Korean language are linked to the Altaic languages of Central Asia, including Mongolian, Turkish and Siberian Tungusic tongues. Some linguists also relate its early roots to Uralic (Hungarian, Finnish), Chinese and Japanese.

There are two main Korean dialects: the Seoul dialect in South Korea and Pyongyang dialect in North Korea. These are distinguished and regulated by each country's language policies. Beyond them exist several regional dialects like Hamgyong, Pyongan and Hwanghae in the North and Kyongsang, Chungcheong, Cholla and Cheju island dialects in the South.

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We have offline classes located conveniently in Delhi, and we also provide cutting-edge online Korean classes accessible to students anywhere in the world. The standout benefit of our Korean classes is the unmatched flexibility. Multibhasha maintains small batch sizes to focus more attention on each student's progress and development, whether they attend offline or online at our Korean language institute in Delhi.

Students can also customize their classes to fit their schedules and learning requirements, with options for batch, timing, 1-1 sessions and more. With experienced  Korean teachers guiding our courses, Multibhasha ensures students gain broad-based fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking Korean. You will not just understand textbook Korean, but also learn practical expressions and vocabulary used in real life by Koreans.

We also offer online korean language course our interactive platform allows students to learn Korean at their own pace, with access to video lessons, quizzes, and personalized feedback from experienced instructors. Whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your language skills, our online Korean language course is designed to help you achieve your language learning goals.

Korean is spoken natively by over 75 million people worldwide. The origins of Korean have been linked to several language families including Japanese, Chinese, and Tibetan, but its precise origins remain uncertain.

K-pop bands like BTS, BigBang, Girls' Generation, and Blackpink have gained massive global popularity in recent years. Their music mixes Western pop sounds with Asian aesthetics. K-pop concerts routinely sell out arenas across the world.

A famous Korean tongue twister is "Gongjang ganjang gongganjang teojangeun gangjang ganjangeul gonggaejwo." This translates to "The soy sauce factory manager told the soybean paste factory manager to supply soy sauce."

Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, is renowned for its scientific design. The shapes of the letters mimic the shapes of the mouth and tongue when pronouncing sounds.

Verbal humor like puns and sarcasm are deeply ingrained in British culture but less common in Korean culture, which emphasizes respect, especially for elders. Popular Korean variety shows like Running Man and Knowing Bros provide humorous entertainment within the confines of cultural norms.

Learning Korean allows you to explore the culture of Korea more intimately through books, films, TV shows, and music in the original language. You'll gain insight into cultural nuances you can't get from translations and subtitles. Understanding Korean gives you a whole new perspective on global pop culture phenomena like K-pop, Korean cuisine, and media.

The Korean language uses a unique alphabet called Hangul which was intentionally designed to be simple and scientific. Many learners find Hangul surprisingly easy to pick up compared to Chinese characters or the Japanese writing system. Plus, the logical grammar makes Korean more intuitive to learn than other Asian languages.

Korea has become a major economic powerhouse over the last few decades. Korean companies like Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and Kia are major global brands. As Korea's economic influence grows, Korean is becoming an increasingly valuable language for business, technology, and academic pursuits.

With over 75 million speakers worldwide, Korean is a significant language. Pop culture exports have made Korean media, music, cinema and more available to international audiences. As the reach of Korean culture expands, opportunities to speak Korean and make connections will only continue to grow.

What we teach in our korean language course

  • •  Beginner 1 (Understand the fundamentals of Korean phrases)

    • Beginning language competence for fundamental phrases by learning the Hangul alphabet, pronunciation, and basic sentence structure, as well as how to greet, introduce yourself, and buy things in Korean.

    •  Beginner 2 (study everyday chats)

    • Encourage (high) language abilities for a variety of conversational expressions by studying complicated sentence structures such as conjunctions and post positions in the context of fundamental sentence understanding.
  • •  Intermediate 3 (Basic daily life communication skills)

    •  For individuals who have finished Level 2 or have equal Korean language abilities

    •  Study passive/causative verbs and indirect narrations to develop (soft) intermediate language skills for managing responsibilities in the office, hospital, post office, and other locations.

    •  Intermediate 4 (Learning expressions used in social situations)

    • For individuals who have finished the Level 3 course or have similar Korean language abilities

    • Nurture (high) intermediate language competence for reading short essays or newspaper articles, make general use of the Korean language, learn Korean vocabulary and phrases such as idioms, proverbs, and honorific/casual language.
korean language course
  • Advanced 5 ( gain language skills for comprehending typical dialogues in social circumstances (political, economic, and social) and expressing own thoughts on these themes)

    • For individuals who have achieved Level 4 or have equal Korean language abilities

    • Encourage (poor) advanced linguistic competence for addressing specialized issues through acquiring advanced vocabulary, syntax (advanced conjunctions), and the distinction in meaning between comparable expressions.

    Advanced 6 (Develop professional language skills for comprehending most social settings and communicating on a variety of topics)

    • For individuals who have finished Level 5 or have equal Korean language abilities

    • Foster (high) advanced language ability for comprehending graduate topics or conducting office activities by reading, learning about current events through media (radio, TV, newspaper, lecture), reading about literary masterpieces, and composing documents or reports.
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