Japanese Language Classes Near Me (On-OFF Japanese Classes in East Delhi)

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We are open for both On-OFF Japanese Classes in East Delhi. Choose the way you can grasp the Japanese language better.


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If you think it's never easy to learn another language, then you are wrong.

With proper Environment you can master any languages - Japanese

 Multibhasa creates such an Environment and Opportunity for your Growth!

Learning Japanese can be a piece of Cake.

With proper dedication and expert advice you can master the Japanese Language in no time.

Proper guidance of Multibhasa you can crack Jlpt and Jnat Exam .

With one step forward you can be a Hero. Time to note down all the levels of Japanese classes.

  • N5+N4 - Beginner level

    • N5: Start with some basic and fundamental phrases of Japanese

     • N4: At N4, Know about how to introduce yourself, family, career etc. Setup mini targets and goals everyday.
  • N3+N2 - Intermediate and Pre Advance level

    • N3: Time to enter the media part into your life. Through TV, news channels, radio, and newspapers improve learning and vocabulary.

    • N2: Start one on one Conversation. Make mistakes as much as you can while speaking Japanese.
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  • N1- Advanced level

    • N1: Call yourself an Expert or Hero and create your own words.
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