Why should you learn Chinese Language


China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures, over 5000 years old. It is the most populous nation in the world, with 1.28 billion people. One fifth of the planet speaks Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is the mother tongue of over 873 million people, making it the most widely spoken first language in the world. In addition to the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan, Mandarin Chinese is also spoken in the important and influential Chinese communities of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Mongolia. China is the second largest economy in the world. It is one of largest trading partners of the United States. Many US companies do business in China and have long-term investments there.

 International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language. China has become a huge market, and business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context.


Over the last 35 years, China has transformed itself to become by some measures the world’s largest economy. It’s also the world’s fastest growing consumer market. Why learn Chinese if you are an entrepreneur or businessperson? Equipping yourself with some Chinese will help open doors for you inside this booming global superpower and provide opportunities to profit from the huge Chinese market. Furthermore, Chinese business is about building relationships, so learning Mandarin will give you a head start in establishing a connection with your Chinese counterparts.  

Chinese may give you an edge when competing for an important position. China will play a major role in world affairs in the future. As China now has opened up to the West, there are opportunities for employment in all areas.

Boost your CV…and impress your friends!!

If you’re not yet ready for an overseas working adventure, learning Chinese can still make you an asset to any company or organization that has dealings with China, commercial or non-commercial. Competency in Chinese on your CV can transform you into somebody invaluable to the success of a project involving China. And even if your prospective employer has no dealings with China, just having proficiency in another language demonstrates intellectual capacity, discipline, and commitment, making you stand out from the crowd. Not to mention there are the kudos and admiration you will receive from friends and strangers alike when they find out your hidden talent of being able to speak Chinese. 

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Learning Mandarin is good brain exercise!!

Studies suggest that learning Chinese uses more parts of the brain than are required for other languages. As there are numerous differences between learning Chinese when compared with the English language, including tones and characters, it is believed that learning Chinese takes more brain power! Whereas English speakers only use the left temporal lobe, speakers of Mandarin use both. Furthermore, learning to write characters can help with motor skills and visual recognition keeps the mind sharp. Research also suggests that learning a language like Chinese that is completely different to European languages is effective in building brain pathways, which in turn reduces your chances of acquiring Alzheimer’s or other dementias. You could say that Chinese doesn’t just make your brain smarter, it makes it healthier too!

Job Opportunities after learning Chinese Language

Subtitler or Transcriber


A transcriber is someone who listens to audio and transcribes the dialogue into text. A subtitler is a type of transcriber who creates subtitles for films, television shows and educational videos.

In the context of Chinese, one could become a transcriber or subtitler that takes English-language media and transcribes it into 汉字 (hàn zì) — Chinese characters or converts Chinese-language media into English.

Becoming a transcriber is often a freelance gig, meaning you usually don’t need a degree to become one. All you need is proof that you can read and speak Chinese well. Usually, a speed typing test and transcriber foot pedal are required. As with many freelance jobs, you’ll have quite a bit of competition.

While being a transcriber isn’t the most exciting job, it’s definitely one of the easiest ways to make money with your Chinese skills. It’s also a great way to get paid to practice your Chinese.

Research Analyst

A research analyst, also known as a financial analyst, is someone who investigates and reports to their company in order to help them make better decisions (what they’re looking for depends on the company). A research analyst is there to sniff out competition and find out what they’re up to.

When it comes to large companies that have competition in countries like China and other Mandarin-speaking nations, having Chinese language skills are a major plus when investigating information that may not be available in English.

You’ll usually be required to have a degree in this field, but if you prove to have strong analytical skills, then some companies may not require a degree. You can get close to making six figures for this kind of job. If you love research and have strong Mandarin reading skills, becoming a research analyst may be the perfect spot for you!

Global Marketing Specialist

Global marketing is becoming increasingly important, especially when products have a worldwide presence. A global or international marketing specialist is similar to a research analyst in that one will have to do quite a bit of analysing and research. However, a marketing specialist works more towards improving a particular brand’s presence in other countries, including China.

Chinese language skills are a must for this position if a company or brand is trying to market their product in China. Strong marketing, design, administration and financial skills are also needed. You may be required to live in China to properly oversee a company’s marketing team there, so both written and spoken Chinese skills are necessary. A bachelor’s degree is also required.

If you have strong leadership skills and are looking for an opportunity to travel, becoming a global marketing specialist may be the job for you.

College Prep Consultant or Tutor

A college prep consultant or Chinese tutor is different from being a formal Chinese or English teacher, as its scope of employment is very broad and may not require certifications or intensive schooling.

A Chinese tutor or college consultant job is a great way to earn yourself a work visa in China if you wish to work abroad. However, it usually takes a couple years of experience to get that far.

Because there are so many different types of positions for Chinese tutors, from working at colleges to freelance gigs, the requirements for this job are pretty broad. For the most part, one needs to pass the HSK exam and have a working knowledge of Chinese. These positions can take place in either China or your native country.

This career is a rewarding one because you can help Chinese students get into U.S. colleges or U.S. students’ study abroad in a Chinese-speaking world. The benefits, depending on the type of tutor or counsellor position you secure, often come with a handsome salary and benefits.

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