5 Reasons Why You Should Learn German in India?

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn German in India?


Here are some common phrases frequently used in the German language. These will assist you during the initial stages of learning German in india.

Germany has the largest national economy in Europe and strong trade relationships with India. As such, knowledge of the German language in India presents exciting career opportunities for Indian students and professionals. In this article we will tell you 5 reasons why you should learn German in India.

Career Opportunities after learning German in India

Learning German opens up a world of job prospects across major multinational companies. Germany has a robust job market with world-renowned industries like automotive, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Proficiency in German allows direct communication with European clients and colleagues.

Bilingual German speakers are sought-after to fill positions in IT services, technical support, sales, and healthcare in Germany. Language skills give you an edge over other applicants vying for jobs at German firms with bases in India. These skills are also attractive to Indian recruiters.

Study Abroad by Learning German Language in India

Studying undergraduate or graduate programs in Germany allows full cultural immersion while gaining international work experience. Most German universities offer courses taught entirely in English.

Over 900 English-taught Bachelor’s programs are available at public universities across Germany. Subjects range from STEM fields to social sciences and humanities. Undergraduate degrees typically last 3-4 years

Business Expansion

Germany is India’s largest trading partner in Europe. Indian companies relying on imports/exports require employees who can communicate with German businesses. Learning German allows easier business negotiations and transactions between both countries.

Bilateral trade between Germany and India is valued at over $24 billion annually. Thousands of German firms operate in India through foreign direct investments and joint ventures across automotive, pharmaceuticals, machinery and more

Travel and Tourism from India with German

Germany is a prime travel destination. Speaking conversational German enhances tourism activities like purchasing transport tickets, ordering food, checking into hotels and cultural immersion through interactions.

Backpacking through historical cities like Berlin, Munich or Heidelberg is far more enjoyable with a grasp of German phrases. You can read signs, menus and local guides more easily. Germany attracts over 9 million tourists annually.

Personal Development

Learning a new language stimulates your brain and brings tremendous cognitive benefits. German looks impressive on your resume and helps you stand out. Research shows that multilingual people have better memory, problem-solving, multi-tasking and critical thinking abilities. Knowing German makes you sharper. On average, Indian professionals know at least three languages. So just English and Hindi may not be enough. German as an additional language will give your resume an edge over others.


To conclude, German skills provide a range of career, business, travel, personal development and cultural opportunities that give you an edge over your peers in an increasingly competitive job market in India. So go ahead and say “Hallo” to the German language for an exciting and enriched future!

Some FAQs related to german language


Q) Which German level is the most useful in India?

 Ans) Knowing German at level B1 & above is useful for most career opportunities related to MNCs, Higher Studies as it indicates basic fluency for communication.

Q) How long does it take to be fluent in German? 

Ans) It usually takes 600-750 hours of dedicated study and practice to gain upper intermediate fluency in German sufficient for career and study purposes abroad.

Can I learn German online in India?

Ans) Yes, Multibhasa offers Both offline(in delhi) and online(all over world) online german courses.

If you’re looking for a platform to learn German, Multibhasa is the perfect solution. With Multibhasa, you can learn multiple languages including German. Certified Teachers, Trending Courses, Course material, and Certifications are the various services offered by Multibhasa that help you to advance your career.

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