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Bangalore has emerged as a popular destination for learning Japanese language courses, thanks to growing business ties between India and Japan. As one of the most influential languages globally, fluency in Japanese can open up exciting career opportunities.

This guide covers everything you need to know about taking Japanese language course in Bangalore – the benefits, types of courses, how to pick an institute and tips to maximize your progress.

Why Learn Japanese in Bangalore?

  • Enhance career prospects in sectors like IT, business, tourism where Japanese fluency is an asset.
  • Work for Japanese companies and multinationals with operations in Japan.
  • Study higher education courses in Japan.
  • Understand Japanese culture, cinema, manga, anime and more.
  • Travel comfortably when visiting Japan.
  • Stand out from competition and boost resume.

Types of Japanese Language Courses in Bangalore

  • Short-term classes focused on conversational Japanese for travel or business.
  • Long-term certificate/diploma programs for overall language proficiency.
  • JLPT exam preparation courses. JLPT is the standardized Japanese test.
  • Private or group classes with experienced tutors.
  • Immersion courses for accelerated results.

Choosing a Japanese Language Institute in Bangalore

  • Accredited institute with qualified, experienced native Japanese teachers.
  • Structured curriculum focused on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Small batch size for better interaction.
  • Focus on communication over theoretical knowledge.
  • Affordable course fees for Japanese classes.
  • Prepares you for JLPT and other certifications.

Why Join Multibhasa for Japanese Classes?

If you are looking to learn Japanese in Bangalore, Multibhasa Institute offers flexible online Japanese language courses that fit your schedule. Whether you are a working professional or a student, our customized online classes make learning Japanese easy and accessible.

Multibhasa’s experienced Japanese teachers will train you in real-life conversational skills along with reading, writing and grammar. Their proven teaching methodologies will have you speaking Japanese confidently in no time!

As an online course, you can access lessons and study materials anywhere, anytime. The small online batch sizes ensure you get individual attention. Begin your rewarding Japanese language journey from the comfort of your home or office today! Register for a free trial class at Multibhasa Institute to experience their unique online Japanese program in Bangalore.


Can I learn Japanese in 3 months?

It’s unlikely that you can become fluent in Japanese in just 3 months. However, with consistent practice and immersion, you can learn basic conversational Japanese and some key kanji in 3 months. Focus on phrases for greetings, introductions, directions, numbers, ordering food etc.

How can I learn Japanese easily?

Some tips to learn Japanese easily:

  • Use audio-visual content like videos, anime, dramas to pick up pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Label everyday objects with sticky notes to learn vocabulary.
  • Practice daily conversations with a language partner.
  • Use spaced-repetition flashcards and games to memorize kanji and vocabulary.
  • Learn the most common Japanese sentence structures and grammar points.
  • Be patient and persistent. Japanese takes consistent practice over time.

How can I speak Japanese fast?

Tips to improve Japanese speaking speed:

  • Think in Japanese instead of translating in your head.
  • Repeat conversations and audio out loud. Mimic native speaker flow.
  • Practice word associations and listening comprehension.
  • Speak often with native Japanese speakers.
  • Read out loud to improve enunciation and pace.
  • Learn common phrases and daily conversations by heart.

What kanji means?

Kanji are the adopted logographic Chinese characters used in the Japanese writing system. Each kanji represents a word or concept. Knowledge of kanji is important for fluency in reading and writing Japanese. Beginners start with learning the most common kanji through repetition and usage in conversations.

Still have doubts? Contact us, and we will clarify all your doubts and schedule your free japanese class demo today!

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